What are you putting out into the world?

  Today I taught myself a lesson under the category of personal growth….

   I was watching TV this morning and started drafting a text to my sister about one of the reporters and how she’s starting to look really wrinkly. Yes, I’m admitting that to the world, lol. No judging, ok?  BUT I stopped myself before I sent it because I thought about it…even though I knew no one in the world would see it besides my sister, I decided not to send it. Why? Because what good does it do? It puts a negative energy out into the universe that this world doesn’t need. Have you ever thought about that? The reporter would never really “know” that I was talking about her wrinkles, but the thought would be out there, created by ME and would probably do some negative damage somewhere along the way.  I can’t get too deep here because I don’t really understand all that energy stuff, but I do know enough to know that I’m better off keeping it from happening. There’s enough going on in this crazy messed up world without me adding to it by talking about someone looking bad on television. And if I’m really REALLY honest, there are many times, probably daily, that I need to “reframe” my conversations and my thoughts. So what about practicing the opposite-putting the good stuff out into the world. Encouragement. Building people up. That’s some good energy, huh? That is one thing I love about Social Media, it’s an outlet for encouragement and celebrating accomplishments. As much as we are able to put whatever we want on Facebook, it’s always so good to see the positive support people give each other.  It’s as simple as Ellen’s mantra, “Be kind to one another”. And as much as I love Ellen, even more importantly is what Jesus taught, ”love one another”. Those two have it figured out. I’m working on it. What about you?


Jennifer PalmerComment