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Jennifer Palmer

Jennifer Palmer

Living an Abundant Life

When you live an abundant life, there's no dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Instead you find fulfillment in each day—even in the present moment. Appreciating the small but beautiful things all around you. Finding joy in any circumstance. Putting good things in and on your body. Giving yourself the love you deserve so that you can be your best for all the other people you love and take care of.

It would be my privilege to coach you as you find what abundance means to you! 



What my clients are saying...

After being a part of Radiate Wellness for just 2 weeks, my sugar is the best it has been in 3 months!
— Cathi
The program is amazing & has something to offer everyone regardless of their health & fitness level.
— Tammy
Radiate Wellness is the best! I have learned a lot and enjoyed being a part of a group of ladies with the same goals and aspirations! Jennifer is a great coach and mentor! Would highly recommend the program!
— Alice